1 Weekend, 2 Festivals and a Bucket of Awesome Sauce {The #SOROFestival & @BABCTour}

  Yep, it was a busy weekend and we didn’t want to miss out on any of it so we divided up the team and were able to enjoy both festivals at once. The team was spread out from Woodland Hills to Beverlywood, showcasing our wedding packages as well as our family portraits. It was an action-packed weekend (no doubt) but we loved every minute of it. In Beverlywood we attended the “SORO Festival,” celebrating all things South Robertson. In a Read More

From Japan to Los Angeles- An Engagement Session at Descanso Gardens

The Descanso Gardens is always a popular venue for engagements and weddings. I’ve had many request it. I’ve never had a couple travel quite as far as these two did however. This couple came all the way from Japan! They wanted to celebrate their engagement in Los Angeles and have their engagement documented by yours truly. What?! I was completely flattered and flabbergasted! So much so that I created a new word for this… flattergasted. You’re welcome. When I finally met Read More

A Maternity Shoot with a Twist.

Last month I agreed to a Maternity Shoot with my good friend Wendy. We decided to shoot it in studio which allowed me a little more control of light and shadow. The week before I asked her to really think about what she wanted, specific elements that she would like to capture. We discussed and then narrowed the shoot down to five different looks, complete with scarves, a henna belly blessing, one sexy black blazer, wild flowers, sentimental items for Henri and Read More

From My Lens to Lisa’s Brush- An artistic collaboration in honor of Sophie

I’ve written about Sophie a few times on this blog, an amazing little girl with incredible courage and a whole lot of spunk. I adore her and always welcome the chance to work with her. My last session with her turned out to be a collaboration of sorts. I was to photograph a few portraits of her, within her room, that would then be used as inspiration to create a painting, 24 x 30 acrylic on canvas to be exact. Read More

A Dog Named Bella.

Meet Bella!.. a spirited 12 year old soul from Columbus Ohio, who loves playing catch, taking long walks in the park, accessorizing, doting on her parents and playing with her best pal- blue man, who’s an old soul himself with torn off limbs, missing stuffing and a nasty tear through his gut… it’s a love/hate relationship but she never leaves home without him. . I met Bella for the first time in our studio but she’s actually been living in Los Angeles Read More

Welcoming Chase!

This was my first introduction to Chase, an adorable two month old baby boy with a sharp awareness and a zen-like attitude. Consistently curious, in regards to my camera, he gave my lens a good “look-over” before jumping in. He’s a smart little man, he took his time. You never know how a newborn is going to react to a camera, some love it, a few cry and most, sleep through it. Chase meditated on it for a few minutes, Read More

Sophie the Warrior Princess {part II}

Sophie is like many little girls her age, her favorite color is pink, she loves stuffed animals, her teething beads, Disneyland, pink tutus and her lovie blankets! However, there’s a lot more back-story to this lil girl. I had the pleasure of working with Sophie last year, just before she was diagnosed with a rare Optic Pathway Glioma brain tumor. She was 8 1/2 months old. Immediately she underwent major brain surgery to remove a cyst and biopsy the tumor, to Read More

Saxon and Lyra {jcp Family Portraits}

Saxon and Lyra are two of my favorite clients. They have been working with me for approximately four years now. Saxon was actually one of my very first clients and I’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow into the fun-loving and adventurous spirit that he is today. Lyra was the newest addition to the family and she fit right in with her big bro. They’re like two peas in an intrepid pod. They aren’t afraid to speak their mind, Read More

Bradley’s first Christmas Shoot {jcp Family Portraits}

It was a busy season this year for family portraits. There were familiar families, new families and a few new arrivals to both, which then led to a few “Baby’s First Christmas” cards. I’ll be sharing all of them, within the next few weeks but today’s post is near and dear to my heart for a couple of reasons… About two years ago, I was introduced to Stephanie and Andrew. Our paths crossed as they were on the hunt for Read More

Wedding at Shanghai Reds, Marina Del Rey Harbor

These two star-crossed actors first met while attending an acting class in Los Angeles… (naturally). They have been together for four years since. Jason decided to pop the question while vacationing with Lauren in beautiful Lake Tahoe. I met with them a year ago, was one of the first vendors that they booked and at that time, most of the details were yet to be determined  but they had some gorgeous ideas. So when their day finally crept up, I was Read More