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Tis The Season . . .

We are so proud to introduce our new line of Christmas Cards, just in time for the holiday season. Eight designs in all, with 3 different shapes, that can be filled with the message and {JCP} pic of your choice.  Once we shoot, you pick the card, we design it and it is then delivered directly to your front door.  It’s that easy.  (These also make fantastic “save the date” cards).  So contact us with any questions you may have and Read More

Happy New Year! {best of Jen Castle Photography 2009}

This has been the most amazing year! For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve been in the photography business for awhile but only recently started up my own company. Jen Castle Photography was legally bought and born on December 15th 2008 and I am in awe over the success it has been gifted. Within that year I had an incredible amount of weddings, events, babies, travel, social networking, and adventure. I was definitely busy and for that I Read More