What Happens After You Book Your Wedding Photographer? {The jcp Process}

Many have asked me “What exactly happens after we book with you….” It’s a great question so I thought I’d help define it here. Before you hire your wedding day photographer, here’s a glimpse of what goes into all, in order to guarantee that the memories created, on your most important of days, will live happily ever after…

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The Engagement Session:

When an engagement session is booked with your package, we schedule it as soon as possible. It’s a great way for you to get comfortable with the camera and with me, your lead photographer. It’s also a great way to gather photos for those “save the dates” that need to go out. Once the engagement photos are taken, they are then delivered to you within one to two weeks.

Review the Timeline: 

A Q&A is created by my team and sent over for thoughtful affirmation. These questions (with your answers) aid us in the telling of your story and help to ensure that your day flows the way you always intended. The more we know about you as a couple and your day, the more personal we can make your photography. Based off of your answers, I create a shot list, for myself as well as for the additional photographers. A family shot list is also created at this time so that we have a complete list of names for every individual needed for the family portraits.

Hire a 2nd:

All of our Packages include a second shooter. Once we reserve your day, we call out to our team in order to assign them. Our second shooters all come with years of experience, share a similar shooting style and have worked with me in the past. They all have a fantastic attitude and know exactly what to bring to the table. Our photographers spend anywhere from six to ten hours at each wedding, depending on the package booked, and our packages have included up to four shooters.

Phone Consultations:

There are definitely a few phone consultations in-between, not only with the bride and groom but with their family, coordinator, venue and sometimes a few of the guests as well. We work with everyone in an effort to aid in the day, the photography, and the gifts. We often work with friends and family to help create a registry towards gift certificates, albums, and/or prints. If there are certain items you’d like to add to your registry, let us know ahead of time. We’d be more than happy to custom design a page for all of your photography needs.

Scout the Venue:

Once booked, we immediately scout your chosen venue, researching each location- where you’ll be getting ready, where the ceremony will take place, and where the reception will be. We review it all & make sure we have it mapped out. We also take a look at ideal locations for the formal portraits and family portraits. A wedding moves uber fast so we do our prep beforehand.



The Big Day:

Usually, the big day involves six to ten hours of coverage with eight hours being the average package booked. We make sure to get the traditional moments as well as the candid moments. Because there are two shooters, we cover a lot of ground and we capture a lot of moments. After each wedding, the photography is downloaded to three different storage devices so that every image is safe and sound, immediately.

Editing and Processing:

I call it our coat of varnish. Think of it like this, if you went to get a piece of furniture refurbished, you’d be upset if they didn’t seal it right? Well, same here. Most of the work is done within the camera however, some of the magic is done within the computer as well. Color correction, contrast, black and white copies are usually done after the wedding has been shot. If we handed you the images straight out of our camera (RAW) you’d probably need three hard drives just to transfer them! Once we complete our processing, we flatten them to jpgs and upload them to your online gallery. The photography is delivered to you online within three weeks and the USB drive is delivered directly, a week after that.

Photography Website Created:

Our custom designed websites are included with most of our packages. The website is designed by our team and is used to showcase your day. It’s user-friendly and allows your friends and family to peruse the images at their leisure. They can even order prints through the website, without ever needing to call you. We make it as easy as possible for them to view and order the photography. If you’d like an example, simply click on Gwen and Kurt’s website: http://www.gwenandkurt.jencastlephotography.com/

Images Uploaded to a Private Gallery:

The gallery is included in every package and serves as a compliment to the website. It is a full and complete gallery. Every. Single. Photo. The complete collection can be anywhere from eight hundred images to fifteen hundred, depending on the package booked. They are organized, numbered and arranged so that ordering prints and/or choosing favorites is super easy.

Slideshow Created:

Our custom designed slideshows are also included with most of our packages. We use these to commemorate and celebrate the “best of” moments from your day. Each slideshow is set to music and is usually comprised of twenty to thirty photographs, sometimes with a few video clips as well. We then post it within your personalized website, for all of your guests to view.

Album Design:

When an album design is included within your package, we set to work as quickly as possible. The first order of business is to obtain your list of top forty images. From there, we fill in with a few of our own favorites. Each album design goes through one client edit before the retouching of the images begins. From there, the albums can take anywhere from two to four weeks to build. The retouching for each image includes- the correcting of any blemishes, fine lines, stray hairs and the implementing of creative filters. We design the layout, retouch the photos and then send it out to get printed and bound. Once the book is finished, it comes back to us for the final approval and is then delivered to you.


We Always:

We always make sure to keep tabs on all of our equipment- we have it professionally cleaned, consistently test it, immediately make any repairs needed, and always have backup gear. What’s in the bag exactly?… The bags of all of our photographers are pretty similar but my bag specifically contains- Three Canon Cameras from the Canon 5D Family, a GoPro, Three Canon Strobes, Three Pocket Wizards, a large variety of Light Diffusers, one Camera Trigger/Remote, a tripod, a 24-70mm Lens,  a 100mm Macro Lens, a 70-200mm Lens, a 10-17mm Lens, a 50mm 1.2 Lens, One portable Video Light and a whole lot of Batteries!

It’s important to understand what your wedding day photography packages consist of. With jcp, our time goes well beyond the wedding day itself. In fact, the wedding day capture is just a small fraction of the overall time spent. We work with you for at least a year, putting it all together and we take great pride in getting to know our clients along the way. In the end, it allows us to tell your story through an array of evocative and creative captures that will continue to convey your story for years to come.


Questions about the photography you see here? Or perhaps you’d like to make an inquiry regarding our wedding/ family photography packages. We can easily be reached by email:  info@jencastlephotography.com, social media, or by simply leaving us a comment on the blog. We always look forward to hearing more!